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Top mutual fund investment tips

If you are looking to invest in mutual fund schemes, you should always consult a professional investment advisor. There are several investors who are now venturing towards SIPs and mutual funds. However, choosing the right scheme to invest in is always tricky. The focus should be on the creation of some specific schemes for accomplishing […]

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Can you actually profit from your home loan?

People usually seek to invest in assets like property and gold. However, the former makes for a considerable investment while gold is something that can be bought in several installments. Now buying property usually entails taking a home loan. People take home loans since there are tax benefits on both principal and interest repayments through […]

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Top Mutual Funds that you should know more about

Investments are something that everybody is reconsidering in the current scenario where fixed deposit rates have gone lower, real estate investments are long-term games and the age-old insurance and health insurance plans are still to yield substantial results. As a result, more and more people are now turning to mutual fund investments. However, one should […]

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Should your home loan be repaid?

If you have been repaying your home loan and have recently got a surplus amount by way of a bonus through any old investment maturation or bonuses, will you be paying off the entire home loan? Most people, particularly those who are salaried home loan applicants, often consider paying off their home loans in order […]

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