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New facility launched by SBI for checking bank holidays, balance in savings account


New facility launched by SBI for checking bank holidays, balance in savings account

SBI or State Bank of India is offering a number of facilities to its customers at present and one of them is the introduction of a helpline which will be known as SBI Quick. With this service, the customers can simply send an SMS or give a missed call to check their bank account balance, mini statement and place a request for a new cheque book. They can also check their account statements for the last six months, the balances for their home loans and education interest certificates, among other aspects. This app will improve customer experiences in several ways at SBI.

The latest feature which has been added to the SBI Quick App is the SBI Bank Holiday Calendar. With this calendar, the customer will be able to keep a track on bank holidays, which vary from state to state. The app has a simple navigation system and is very intuitive in nature. All the SBI holidays will be listed here state and UT wise and also circle wise, as observed as per Section 25 of the Negotiable Instruments Act 1881.

Major things worth remembering

SBI announced the launch of this app through a tweet in which they stated that with the SBI Bank Holiday Calendar App, the experiences of customers will improve greatly. This single app will answer all the queries of the consumer with ease. The latest version of the SBI Quick app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Those who have Android, Windows, iOS or BlackBerry phones can also download the SBI Quick app from their respective stores.

There is no need from now on to remember various keywords and different mobile numbers. All communication will be done with the help of this single channel once the app is installed and it can be done with just a Missed Call or by sending an SMS.

How to register for SBI Quick

-Send SMS, ‘REG Account Number’ to 09223488888 from the registered mobile number for that particular account.

-After that a confirmation message will be received, indicating successful/unsuccessful registration.

-If successful, then you can start using the services.

For account balance enquiry

You may give a Missed Call or send an SMS ‘BAL’ to 09223766666

For mini statement

You may give a Missed Call or send an SMS ‘MSTMT’ to 09223866666

SBI cheque book request

Send SMS ‘CHQREQ’ to 09223588888. Customers will receive an SMS. Send consent SMS ‘CHQACC<space>Y<space>6-digit number received in SMS’ to 09223588888 within 2 hours of receipt of SMS for further processing.

Home Loan interest certificate

Send SMS HLI <space> <Account Number> <space> <code> to 09223588888

SBI debit-cum-ATM card blocking

A customer can block the SBI debit-cum-ATM card linked to the registered account in case of loss/theft. To block the ATM card, send an SMS from the registered mobile number as ‘BLOCK<space>XXXX’ to 567676. XXXX represents the last 4 digits of the card number. Following the acceptance of the blocking request, users will get a confirmatory SMS alert that contains the ticket number, date and time of blocking.

SBI Quick is available for savings accounts, current accounts, overdraft accounts and cash credit accounts.

How is SBI Quick different from State Bank Anywhere or State Bank Freedom

You do not need a login ID and password to use this facility. Just one time registration from the mobile number recorded with the bank for that particular account is required. It is important to remember that with the SBI Quick App, one will not be able to avail of several kinds of transactions. Unlike the State Bank Anywhere or State Bank Freedom initiatives, where these transactional services can be availed, SBI Quick does to support any financial transaction.

On the part of customers, it is a part of their duty that they should use the app only from their registered mobile numbers and not share their PIN or OTP with anyone else. This is for maintaining the complete safety and security of their accounts. In case, one changes their phone number, the new number also needs to be updated with the bank to continue receiving uninterrupted and seamless service.


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