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Highest Realty Investments in Asia-Pacific to be Attracted by Four Cities in India


Highest Realty Investments in Asia-Pacific to be Attracted by Four Cities in India

As per the latest real estate India news, the Indian real estate sector should definitely witness some rosy times ahead! Four Indian cities, namely Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Pune are set to garner the highest real estate investments in the Asia-Pacific region as per real estate India news reports. Reports state that these four cities are likely to surpass other cities in the entire Asia-Pacific (APAC) region with regard to investments in office assets and other real estate.

This has been predicted by leading global property consultant Cushman & Wakefield. The agency has stated that overall real estate investment volumes for Asia Pacific are expected to touch the $611 billion mark in 2017 and India is one of the best placed destinations amongst newly emerging markets. According to reports, most of the global investments in 2017 will cover commercial office assets and in this context, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore are better placed with regard to outstripping other cities from emerging Asia-Pacific economies.

Global real estate investment volumes touched $4,731 million and $4,871 million for the years 2015 and 2016 respectively which shows an increase to the tune of 3%. 2017 is expected to witness a similar increase in overall investment volumes. According to market experts, global investors remain optimistic about the Indian economy which remained steady in spite of the demonetization exercise and economic losses in the short term. The reduction in the grey economy and other electoral gains will boost Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to push through far-reaching reforms.

The agency also added that while the Asia-Pacific region will see only a marginal rise in real estate investment volumes (expected to be approximately 1.6%), the entire region will still comprise of a whopping 44% of overall global real estate investment volumes of approximately $1.39 trillion that is expected for 2017. Demand will continue to go up in leading tech hubs across the world due to outsourcing while co-working will also lead to a pick-up in demand in major gateway cities as per experts. Emerging market opportunities will be abundant in Asia. These growing trends should prove to be a major boost for the real estate sector in India and the four cities highlighted by leading global industry experts and analysts.

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