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Supreme Court directed SBICap to release Rs.625 crore from SWAMIH fund for six Amrapali projects

Last week the Supreme Court provided much needed relief through its judgment for all home buyers who have booked apartments in Amrapali projects. After prolonged delay and non-completion of the apartments by the developers due to lack of finance home buyers welcomed the court judgment with open hands. The Supreme Court directed SBICap Venture to […]

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Factors borrowers need to consider while switching to other home loan lenders with low-interest rate

The low-interest-rates offered by home loan lenders attracts existing borrowers and encourages them to save some interest repayment by switching to low-interest-rate lenders. Any amount of reduction in interest repayment will make home loan borrowers happy amidst stressful time. Consistent repo rates reduction by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) since last year led to a […]

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Realty focused fund of Nisus Finance to invest INR 500 crore in distressed and incomplete projects by March’ 2021

The realty focused fund of Nisus Finance is on funding spree by spotting investment-worthy residential projects that require last-mile funds to complete residential projects. Nisus Finance is one of India’s leading diversified financial services company and specializes in real estate services are going to invest through their debt fund of worth INR 500 crore by […]

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Investment to flow into stressed real estate from NBFCs and Special situation funds

The government-backed SBICAP Ventures controlled last-mile fund for stalled projects and several large institutional investors are eyeing through their distress funds or Special situation funds. Institutional investors and NBFCs are actively exploring investment opportunities among stressed real estate projects. The disgruntled market accentuated by sluggish sales, liquidity crunch, and lesser customer advances are creating stress […]

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