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The benefits of SBI ATMs


The benefits of SBI ATMs

SBI (State Bank of India) is offering 43, 000 ATMs throughout the India and is the biggest lender in the country as per reports. The ATM Cards help customers withdraw money absolutely free of cost across State Bank ATMs which includes ATMs owned by State Bank of Hyderabad, Mysore, Patiala and Travancore along with State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur.

Here are some of the benefits of SBI ATM Cards-

  • Customers can withdraw up to Rs. 40, 000 each day for the Classic Debit Card. There are high value cards which enable withdrawals up to Rs. 1 lakh per day.
  • SBI ATMs come with fast-cash solutions and any preferred amount can be withdrawn with options of 200, 100, 1000, 500, 5000, 3000 and 10000 denominations.
  • The pin change service can be tapped for changing one’s password regularly at SBI ATMs.
  • The balance enquiry feature is used for checking available balance currently in one’s account.
  • Customers can also get mini statements generated at the ATMs of SBI which helps in keeping a tab on all transactions. These cover the last 10 transactions.
  • There is the Transfer option available across SBI ATMs which can be used for dispatching cash from one SBI debit card to another. The per day limit is Rs. 40, 000 and transaction limits are not there.
  • SBI ATMs are used for dispatching paperless payments for credit card bills of SBI and one can also pay SBI Life Insurance premiums through SBI ATMs.
  • These ATMs also help in recharging of mobile prepaid connections.
  • One can send cheque book requests through SBI ATMs.
  • Utility bills can be paid through SBI ATMs.
  • There is the Mobile Registration option where users can de-register/register mobile banking applications.
  • IMPS services can be registered at SBI ATMs. This enables users to instantly transfer money to another customer with a registered IMPS number.
  • Term Deposits can be created by users through SBI ATMs. This will be valid only for accounts which are singly owned.
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