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India Infoline or IIFL Holdings Limited is the apex holding entity for the whole IIFL Group promoted by first generation entrepreneurs. The organization has evolved greatly from being an entrepreneurial startup in the year 1995 into becoming a major financial services group in India today. The organization has always believed in continual evolution as per contemporary business environments without losing focus on the core financial services domain.

About India Infoline

There is a wide range of India Infoline services including wealth and asset management, financing, financial product distribution, brooking, institutional equities, investment banking and realty and property advisory services through numerous subsidiaries. IIFL Holdings currently has a net worth of around INR 30 billion for the financial year ending on the 31st of March, 2016 and has offices in London, Hong Kong, Geneva, New York, Dubai, Mauritius and Singapore. The Group has a whopping 2, 500 business locations across the country and this helps it reach out to customers across multiple business segments. The Group has more than 3 million customers spread across multiple segments. The corporate office is located at Lower Parle in Mumbai. The organization is also listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Core values and strategies

All India Infoline financial services are based on several core values including growth, dynamism, integrity, transparency, fairness, unmatched customer service and support and of course, evolution with changing business environments. The Group has de-risked its business through multiple revenue streams and products. It has always endeavored to keep costs low and has pushed for innovation at all levels. The Group remains majorly a retail focused entity which thrives on quality service and knowledge. It wishes to cater to areas in semi-urban and rural zones which are still untapped and safe from intense competition.

It also targets micro, small and medium enterprises across the country through a cluster lending approach. It also makes use of a wide multi-modal network which works as a one stop shop for all customers. The Group has roots in original research on companies, markets, economy, capital markets and global financial trends. In-house research capabilities not helps the organization churn out news, insights and value added content but it also helps combat business cycles, inflation and interest rate trends along with understanding all regulatory, legal, environmental, labor and other aspects without any hassles. The Group gave away all research free on and had millions of readers. It also pioneered online trading and broking at the lowest rate of 5 basis points. Major verticals remain trade, wealth management, property solutions, news and PReMIA which is the Priority Relationship Management & Investment Advisory, a customized and multi-product financial environment which generates fabulous returns for preferred clients by investing throughout several asset classes. Insurance and loans for businesses are also offered.

The total portfolio of India Infoline financial services online includes gold loans, digital finance, SME loan, commercial vehicle loans, home loans, loan against securities, loan against property and health care finance.

India Infoline home loans

Affordable financing at attractive India Infoline lending rates is what constitutes the major USP of the home loan division. Door step services are offered for free and loan tenures go up to 30 years. A maximum of 90% can be obtained in case of loans up to INR 30 lakhs while this percentage comes down to 80% for loans between INR 30-75 lakhs and 75% for loans which are more than INR 75 lakhs. The loan tenure for self-employed professionals is 20 years. One can also refurbish or extend an existing property with suitable loans at attractive rates of interest. Loan tenures go up to 30 years and 85% is given in case of loans up to INR 20 lakhs while this comes down 75% for loans which are more than INR 20 lakhs.

India Infoline loan against property

The value of your property can be leveraged to meet diverse requirements including weddings, higher education needs of children, medical emergencies, business expansion and so on. The value of the loan will not be more than 65% of the market value of the residential property in question or a maximum of 55% of the value of the commercial property as assessed by the organization. Loan tenures will be a maximum of 15 years.

India Infoline business loans 

There are various types of business loans. In case of the India Infoline Smart SME loans, funds can be withdrawn whenever they are required and interest is paid only on the amount utilized and not the credit limit which is INR 50 lakhs at a maximum. There is flexible repayment with no pre-payment penalty and swift approvals. These are collateral free loans and there is a self service portal for online transactions. In case of the India Infoline Insta SME loans, collateral free business loans are given instantly and are applicable for tenures between 12-48 months which come in handy with regard to meeting sudden exigencies, daily cash flows, funding needs, planned expansion and so on. This requires minimum documentation and can be availed within one business day in most cases. 

Loans up to INR 15 lakhs are provided and there are easy EMI repayment options. Doorstep service is also provided in this case. Businesspersons can also avail of the India Infoline Flexi SME loans where loans are customized to meet business requirements. There are term loans with revolving lines of credit and credit facility is provided up to INR 50 lakhs. Tenures up to a maximum of 10 years are applicable for these loans.

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