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Edelweiss Bank

Edelweiss Capital is part of the Edelweiss Group, one of the foremost diversified financial services companies in India. The organization offers diverse financial products and services across a big client base encompassing corporations, individuals and institutions. The plethora of Edelweiss Capital financial services covers multiple asset classes and consumer segments across both global and domestic geographies.

About Edelweiss Bank

The businesses of the Group are essentially divided into the following-


  • Credit Business (Wholesale Credit including Structured and Collateralized Credit to Corporates, Real Estate Finance, Distressed Asset Credit and Retail Credit comprising of housing finance and loans against properties. There is SME, LAS and Agri finance in addition to rural finance
  • Non Credit Business- This includes wealth management, capital markets, Agri services and asset management
  • Life Insurance
  • Balance Sheet Management Unit operates to manage Balance Sheets and overall liquidity


The organization has an asset base exceeding INR 32, 000 crore with revenues of INR 5, 316 crore and net profit of INR 414 crore. Apart from innovative Edelweiss Capital loan schemes, customers are also drawn to the research based approach of the Group along with its innovation led outlook. The Group has a considerable presence in big retail segments through housing finance, life insurance, retail financial markets and mutual funds. The client base has touched more than 887, 000 and there are 6, 227 employees of the Group based out of a whopping 237 offices including 9 international offices in 122 cities. There is a 4, 500 strong network of authorized persons and sub brokers across the country as well. Edelweiss has succeeded in carving out a gargantuan pan Indian presence over the years. 

Major USPs 

Edelweiss has planned for the future and invested in servicing customer needs and enhancement of stakeholder values alike. The bouquet of Edelweiss Capital services has been increased through a shift into related business spaces. The organization has strong risk mitigation policies which are boosted through timely investments in human capital, processes and IT capabilities. The organization has a four tier system of identifying, mentoring and nurturing leaders. The Fountainhead leadership centre at Alibaug is one of the few such establishments in the Indian financial services industry.

Business has been divided into retail and wholesale divisions for better structural vision and clarity. Error free and timely execution across all businesses is the key attribute towards the success of the Group. There is a continual focus on upgrading overall efficiency through the latest technologies. The Ideas Create, Values Protect tagline is what defines the brand philosophy aptly. The brand thrives on being a thinking organization with greater ideation and imagination in its approaches along with a policy of being fair to every customer minus any bias or discrimination. Reputation and image are more important than financial reward as the organizational mission goes and it complies stringently with all laws by way of integrity and honesty. The entire bouquet of Edelweiss Capital financial services online thus covers Corporate Credit and Fixed Income (Credit), Retail Credit (as mentioned earlier), Retail Broking, Institutional Broking, Investment Banking, Housing Finance, Wealth Management, Life Insurance, Mutual Funds, Insurance Broking, Asset Reconstruction Company, Alternative Asset Advisory and Commodities.

Edelweiss Capital Business Loans

When it comes to business loans, there are specialized solutions under the SME Lending scheme. This helps clients get customized solutions for achieving their business goals. Dedicated relationship managers work towards evaluating funding gaps including working capital, business expansion, capital expenditure and so on. There is a combination of secured and unsecured lending for businesses along with term loans with amounts ranging between INR 10 lakhs and INR 25 crores. Loan tenures extend up to 10 years in such cases.

Edelweiss Capital Home Loans

There are several types of Edelweiss Capital home loans offered to customers. When it comes to Edelweiss Capital interest rates, both fixed and variable rate loans are available. There is the 25 year home loan scheme along with the loan against property. Re-financing is also available along with balance transfer and top ups. You can transfer existing home loans or loans against properties here at better rates and more flexible tenures which will give you lower EMIs. Lease rental discounting is also taken care of by the organization.

Home loans are offered for construction, purchase, repair or renovation of residential units. Loans are tailored to all segments including those where formal income documents are not available. Loans up to INR 35 lakhs are offered under this assessed income program. In case of Edelweiss Capital loans against property, loans are provided up to 70% of the market value of the property in question. The purpose can be diverse including business expansion, buying new properties, consolidating existing loans, education/wedding needs of children and more. A maximum of 15 years can be availed in terms of the tenure. The following properties are taken into consideration in this case:

  • Self occupied residences
  • Leased residential property
  • Self occupied commercial property
  • Leased commercial property

Customers benefit from swift approvals and processing along with flexible options for repayment. There are several special loan products for self employed professionals as well.

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