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Dhanlaxmi Bank

Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd is an old private sector bank headquartered in Thrissur City, Kerala. Incorporated on 14th November 1927, this bank started off with a capital of Rs. 11,000 and 7 employees. It was designated as a Scheduled Commercial Bank by the Reserve Bank of India in the year 1977. Today, it boasts of 280 branches and 398 ATMs spread across many states, including Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chandigarh, Goa, and Haryana.

About Dhanlaxmi Bank

Dhanlaxmi Bank financial services highlight micro credit activities as one of the chief priorities. With its rich heritage, the Bank has, over the years since its inception, earned the trust and goodwill of its clients.

In March 2010, the Bank launched Dhanlaxmi Bank Platinum and Gold Credit Cards. It has deployed Centralized Banking Solution (CBS) on the Flexcube platform at all its branches for extending anywhere/anytime/anyhow banking to its clientele through multiple delivery channels. Dhanlaxmi Bank services has also set up a data centre in Bangalore, to keep the networked system operational round the clock. The disaster recovery centre at Thrissur has been established with the aim of meeting various contingencies. The Bank is a depository participant of NSDL (National Security Depository Limited) offering Demat services through select branches. Armed with a firm belief in the need for innovation, the Bank has grown from strength to strength, delivering the best of service and demonstrating a keen sense of responsibility in all its dealings. The Bank offers more than 653 touch points across India. Dhanlaxmi Bank banking services has also put a strong emphasis on Financial Inclusion, serving the lower strata of people, agriculturists, small traders, etc.

Vision and Mission

The vision of Dhanlaxmi Bank is banking on relationships forever. Its mission is to emerge as a strong and innovative bank with a high degree of integrity and social responsibility so as to fulfill the objective of maximum customer satisfaction as well as keep its employees, shareholders and the society in general, happy and content. The Bank always focuses on customizing services and personalizing relations.

Dhanlaxmi Bank Loans:

Dhanlaxmi Bank Home Loan: The Bank has a host of financing options to make home buying a smooth process. The repayment tenure ranges from 3 years to 20 years. The borrower can enjoy higher loan amount against his/her income, attractive interest rates, simplified documentation, door step services, and step up-step down EMI options. Only one time processing fee is charged, with no hidden charges or post loan hassles. Under the Dhanlaxmi Bank loan scheme, the evaluation of one’s loan request is not only based on his/her financials but also on the nature of one’s business and related aspects. Dhanlaxmi Bank loan advantage is that it also provides a special surrogate income program for self-employed applicants, and mortgage educing term assurance (MRTA) insurance plans to cover the outstanding Home Loan in the absence of the borrower. There are also refinance option available with this scheme.

Dhanlaxmi Bank Loan Against Property: A customer can take a loan against his/her residential or commercial property and use the funds to expand his/her business, plan a grand wedding or finance his/her child’s education. The choice of tenure available under this scheme ranges from 3 years to 15 years. With greater flexibility and attractive Dhanlaxmi Bank loan against property interest rates, this loan can be availed easily, minus the hassles of complex documentation. There is a special surrogate income program for the self-employed applicants. Also, the loan request is evaluated not only on the basis of the applicant’s financials but also on the nature of his/her business and related aspects.

Dhanlaxmi Bank Personal Loan: This loan is provided to address diverse financial needs, be it your child’s admission or upgrading home appliances. Any salaried or self-employed individual above 23 years of age meets the Dhanlaxmi Bank personal loan eligibility norms. Applicants from the former category should have a minimum monthly income of Rs. 35,000, while for the latter, the minimum income per annum should be Rs. 1,80,000. The total work experience for the salaried applicants is 2 years and above. He/she can be employed with a central or state government institution or a profit making company or a reputed organization as a permanent employee. Besides, self-employed professionals, self-employed nonprofessionals can also apply for this personal loan from Dhanlaxmi Bank, provided he/she is with a profit making proprietorship business/partnership firm/private limited company with a positive turnover. The total work experience for self-employed professionals is 3 years or more, while for self-employed non professionals, it should be a total of 5 years, with 4 years in the current venture. Salaried applicants can get a loan of Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 15 lakhs, whereas self-employed applicants can get loans within the range of Rs. 3 lakhs and Rs. 15 lakhs. The flexible repayment option stretch between 12 and 60 months.

Dhanlaxmi Bank Business Loan : The Business Loan can be used to cater to business-related needs, such as venturing into a new business line, or expanding the current business. The borrower should be above 23 years of age. He/she should have a work experience of 5 years, with 4 years in the current venture. The profiles covered under this scheme include, manufacturers, traders, wholesalers, retailers, contractors, and service providers. The business loans from Dhanlaxmi Bank are tenable in a wide range of Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 5 crores. The repayment options are between 12 and 60 months.

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