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Centrum Finance

Centrum Finance started its journey in the year 1997 with the launch of its Forex business and was the country’s biggest asset financing syndicate. In the year 1998, the merchant banking division started along with the bond house. In the year 1999, the Forex business was placed as a differentiated subsidiary while major geographical expansion was also undertaken. By 2000, the organization was one of the top 10 debt mobilisers and started its equity desk as well. In 2001, the project financing business commenced while in 2002, Centrum Direct was founded along with foraying into retail wealth management.

About Centrum Finance

In the year 2006, Centrum Broking started operations, thereby widening the Centrum Finance services portfolio. In 2008, it tied up strategically with the Future Group and also acquired Club7 holidays, lending a new dimension to its global business. Centrum Finance was registered as a non banking finance corporation (NBFC) with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in the year 2009 and it also launched Centrum Infrastructure & Realty in the same year. Visas Of The World was acquired in the year 2013 and this paved the way for the formation of Centrum Global Visa Services. In 2015, the Infrastructure Advisory Services wing was launched along with buyforex.com.

Centrum Finance Presence and other milestones

The organization currently has 135 offices across 46 Indian cities and is the only investment bank with a dedicated expert team for infrastructure and defence. It has also been adjudged as the best domestic private bank in India 2016 by the Asiamoney Polls. It has also raised a whopping $1.6 trillion of capital for industry requirements over the years while more than 1 million foreign exchange transactions are also carried out annually through its platform. The bouquet of Centrum Finance services includes investment banking, wealth management, Forex, tours, visa, stock broking, insurance and loans.

Centrum Finance Loans

There are several Centrum Finance loan schemes which are available for customers of the Group. Centrum Financial Services Limited (CFSL) is the NBFC arm in charge of lending structured credit to small businesses with the best facilities. There are scalable platforms for capital market lending along with top notch risk management and ample capitalization. Loans against securities are offered along with SME Solutions and Margin Funding.

Centrum Finance Loans against Securities

Here, customers can raise funds without having to sell their investments. They can be transferred as collateral or shares can be pledged to raise funds without any personal guarantees whatsoever. Post pledging, customers will keep receiving corporate benefits associated with the securities while the funds can be used for business and investment purposes as well. This facility is usually offered at floating rates while there are flexible pre-payment options.

Other Loans

Margin Funding helps meet fund obligations to stock exchanges. You can invest/leverage/trade in shares at pre-defined margins.

SME Solutions

Short and medium term credit is offered to small and medium sized organizations through innovatively tailored financial products. This credit is usually given for around 30 days to 3 years based on in depth assessment of the collateral, cash flows for repayment and end-use.

Deb Syndication Services

There are several services offered in the following domains:

  • Term Loans/Corporate Loans
  • Working Capital
  • External Commercial Borrowings
  • Project Finance

There is a structured finance advisory wing which takes care of business planning, liquidity, capital costs, leverage, optimal capital structure, business restructuring and market awareness for clients. Private equity advisory services are also provided along with advisory services related to mergers and acquisitions.

Sector-Wise Focus

The company adopts a sector-wise approach when it comes to extending necessary credit. Major sectors focused on include education, consumer products, automobile ancillary, infrastructure, defense, industrial sectors, media & entertainment sector and real estate. Centrum Finance interest rates are also quite reasonable. 

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