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Capri Global is the popular name for the Capri Investment Group which is a reputed real estate investment management firm headquartered in Chicago. It offers creative and well thought out solutions to investment needs of institutional clients. Founded as a structured capital provider in the year 1992, the organization has grown into a multi-offering investment manager with a global outlook and local investment and market expertise. The company seeks to achieve all client objectives through constant challenging of industry norms and conventional wisdom. It attempts to balance the risks with the rewards.

About Capri Global

Thought leadership is given high priority here along proprietary research for seeking investment opportunities in markets that are imbalanced with regard to availability of capital or real estate supply/demand fundamentals or even underserved. This also encompasses all international and urban communities that have mostly been overlooked by traditional institutional investors.

The management team at the Group possesses a wealth of experience when it comes to joint ventures, development, credit and debit markets, direct property investment and so on. The full lifecycle of real estate investment solutions is offered to customers by Capri. The Group prides itself on its technological expertise and back office infrastructure which enables it to accommodate diverse investor needs. Core values like timely and impeccable investment execution and transparency in all dealings are followed to the hilt. Capri Global services currently handle $3.6 billion in real estate equity and structured finance investments as of March 31st, 2016.

Indian foray

The time was ripe for Indian markets to receive Capri Global financial services in the year 2012 when several investors were exiting the country. Economic conditions were adverse in this period with slowing GDP growth, a rapidly plunging currency and a current account deficit between 5-6%. There was an unstable Government and this led investors to question the long term viability of Indian investments. However, Capri forecasted that a nation with more than 1 billion people was steadily urbanizing and there was a rapidly growing middle class. It also observed that India valued education, was hugely entrepreneurial and had a population that aspired to move up the ladder in life.

CGCL or Capri Global Capital Limited is formally known as Money Matters Financial Services Limited and is headquartered at Mumbai. This was founded in the year 1997 and CGCL has since been involved in a wide range of financial advisory services. The company today focuses on wholesale lending which targets the residential and commercial real estate segment with term loans secured heavily by land and/buildings along with micro, small and medium enterprise lending (MSME Lending) which emphasizes on small and secured business loans for working capital, machinery and equipment, business expansion and other needs. CGCL and Capri Global Capital Limited (Cayman) undertook a strategic and licensing alliance in the year 2012 and CGCL will be the primary real estate investment vehicle in the country for the global giant while retaining its core and independent businesses. As can be seen, several kinds of Capri Global loans are available for customers across categories.

Investment philosophies

Capri makes use of a whole cycle investment formula and looks to invest in assets which efficiently monetize long term drivers of asset demand where returns are not dependent on purchasing assets at a discount. The company takes real estate as an income vehicle and generation of stable and increasing property cash flow is a major focus here along with potential for value creation and appreciation. It also believes that property markets are inherently inefficient and this may allow investors to get returns which are greater than the commensurate assumed risk levels.

Real estate is never taken as a commodity and is perceived as a unique asset which needs experienced and skilled personnel for suitably underwriting, structuring and managing the same based on individual property characteristics. The investment is the beginning of value creation and does not come to an end with acquisition or development. Proactive and efficient asset management is emphasized upon highly by the company. Alignment is also given importance when it comes to the advisor and investor. This is achieved through co-investment of other forms of risk sharing in partnership with clients along with fee structures.

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