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Capital First Limited is one of India’s leading financial institutions which emphasizes hugely on providing debt financing to Indian customers and MSMEs. Capital First was founded in the year 2012 by V. Vaidyanathan and this was done through the securing of an equity backing of INR 8.10 billion from global private equity player Warburg Pincus courtesy the buyout of the existing listed NBFC.

About Capital First

The company received new shareholders in the process and reconstituted a whole new board with new business divisions, new branding and a new entity known as Capital First. The brand believes that financing 50 million MSMEs in the country along with the emerging middle class with a differentiated model based on new technologies, provides a big opportunity.

The organization has created new models of MSME financing along with financing for Indian consumers in under penetrated and unbanked segments through a new model based on innovative technologies and comprehensive analytics. Financing is provided for several purposes including loans for plant and machinery, business expansion, office automation like laptops, PCs, printers, etc, display panels, office furniture and more. The company has financed more than 2.25 million customers including more than 1.5 million self employed individuals and MSMEs with loan assets of INR 160.41 billion as of 31st March, 2016. Capital First services are offered across 222 locations in India while a high credit rating of AA+ has also been conferred on the organization by select financial institutions in India.

Vision and values

The company aims at being a major financial services provider and adheres to stringent corporate governance, values and ethics. The company is also focused on primarily supporting the growth of MSMEs in the country with debt capital through technology enabled platforms and processes. It aims at financing aspirations of Indian consumers through new age technology solutions and analytics. Core values include responsibility, integrity, transparency in all business dealings, prompt and responsive customer service, teamwork, community development and honesty.

Capital First financial services include personal, durable, used car two wheeler and business loans along with loans against property. Insurance services are also provided to customers. Wholesale credit is provided for working capital finance courtesy registered mortgage on security of marketable and tangible collateral with escrow of cash flows. This is lent after receiving all necessary approvals. The organization takes care of real estate and developer funding along with working capital finance requirements of customers.

Capital First Loan against Property

The mortgage loan offered by Capital First enables one to access urgent funds for diverse purposes. You can mortgage your property as collateral and get funds for business expansion, asset acquisition, educational needs of children, weddings and so on. Capital First offers financing against residential and commercial properties alike along with leased or self occupied properties. Maximum loan amounts go up to INR 15 crore while the maximum tenure goes up to 15 years. Self occupied commercial and residential properties are financed along with leased residential or commercial properties. There is lease rental discounting against both commercial and residential properties.

There are several special services and packages offered that are customized as per customer requirements. There is the normal income program where loans are given as per your financial statements and the debt consolidator where all your loan payments can be consolidated into a single EMI and you can even get an additional loan under this program.

Capital First business loan

There are thoughtfully tailored business loans on offer for small and medium sized enterprises along with corporations. The business installment loan helps take care of working capital needs and also fulfills expansion related business aspirations. Swift loan processing is assured along with top-ups for the existing loan. There are easy EMI repayments along with doorstep services. Customer service is top notch from the company in these cases and loans up to INR 75 lakhs are offered. Business installment loans can be taken across industries like service, retail &  wholesale trade and manufacturing.

Self employed professionals or individuals can apply for this loan along with partnership firms, sole proprietorship firms, closely held limited companies, private limited companies and doctors. There are highly competitive Capital First interest rates offered on all business loans as well.

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