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Meet HDFC Bank’s Eva which is now India’s largest banking Chatbot


Meet HDFC Bank’s Eva which is now India’s largest banking Chatbot

Developed by Senseforth AI Research Pvt Ltd for HDFC Bank, Eva is India’s very first AI-based banking Chabot, has successfully catered to over 2.7 million customer queries in a span of just six months.

Senseforth Ai Research Private Limited was founded on 27 March 2017. It is classified as a Non-govt Company and has been registered at the Registrar of Companies, Bangalore.

What is Chatbot?

It is the short form for chat robot, a computer program which creates human conversation, or chats through artificial intelligence. Presently, a chat bot communicates with a real person, but advanced applications are being programmed where two chat bots will be able to communicate with each other. Chat bots are generally used in applications like ecommerce customer service, call centres and Internet gaming very efficiently. Chat bots made use for these commercial purposes are mostly limited to conversations regarding a particular purpose and of course not for a full fledged human communication. Chatbots are a hot topic in the world of business nowadays. The development of chatbots has opened up new arenas for customer engagement and new ways of carrying out business in the form of conversational commerce with the customers. It is now considered to be one of the most useful innovations of technologies that businesses can blindly rely on, very conveniently replacing the traditional modes and making apps and websites more efficient for business and commerce.

EVA was launched in March 2017 when HDFC Bank collaborated with Senseforth to create this wonder on their website From then EVA has managed to interact with over 530,000 unique users nearly holding 1.2 million conversations and addressing their 2.7 million queries spontaneously. Eva is currently India’s first and largest banking chatbot. A chatbot is also known as a chatter bot.

EVA stands for Electronic Virtual Assistant. It is a chatbot which has been developed by using the latest NLP and AI technologies. HDFC Bank launched EVA to offer genuine effect of conversational experience that breaks the communication barrier. The bank’s motive was to reach out to its customers on all the digital platforms such as the Website, Mobile application and the dedicated portal at any time of the day.

EVA makes it easier for customers to get quick access to the Bank’s any product information, fees and charges for any products, branch IFSC Codes, application processes, and a variety of information faster than contacting with an agent.

Eva at present is handling more than 50,000 semantic variations for thousands of banking related enquiries. It efficiently tracks and analyses daily customer issues and analyzes with a better understanding of the behaviour patterns. A lot of users have provided ample constructive feedback to Eva on a regular basis which has helped immensely in improving its knowledge repository.

The developers claim the everyday interactions between EVA and its users, makes way to conceptual banking knowledge layout which in return improves its ability to attend to all kinds of questions accurately every time. Eva never sleeps nor does her learning ever stops. It is at your service 24×7.

Some information takes generally an average of 8-10 minutes obtaining time but it is provided by Eva in a matter of few seconds. This quality factor makes Eva fastest among all other devices of interaction for a variety of information related queries which revolves around cards, loans, accounts etc.

Popular for having over 85% of accuracy level and uptime of 99.9%, EVA is making swift move towards its final goal of revolutionizing the customer-bank interactions via online conversational interfaces.

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