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What documents are vital for home loan processing?

The processing of a home loan application requires several documents to be successfully concluded. The procedures in this case are quite similar throughout multiple banks and financial institutions in the country. These are the documents which lenders need in order to process home loan applications- Age Proof Income Proof for applicant and co-applicant Address Proof […]

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Can you actually profit from your home loan?

People usually seek to invest in assets like property and gold. However, the former makes for a considerable investment while gold is something that can be bought in several installments. Now buying property usually entails taking a home loan. People take home loans since there are tax benefits on both principal and interest repayments through […]

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Why should you prepay your home loan?

Lending rates are steadily being increased by several banks and NBFCs and whenever there are possibilities of interest rates on home loans going up, customers usually consider whether they should prepay their home loans in order to save on costs of interest. In recent times, fixed deposits do not yield much returns and it is […]

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